High School Dealing With Drama

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Nov 29, 2010
I'd really like to know other ways of solving drama issues, the more wisdom I have on dealing with drama, the better unity my girls can have. It doesn't happen often, but on our team when the drama is heavy, I like to do what we call an extremely minor version of "Ho'oponopono"..which is a meeting where we discuss issues, forgive each other, and move forward. I ask my girls to get in a circle and they have about 10-15 mins to discuss the hurtful stuff that is hindering the team, even if it means calling someone out that has said something or done something hurtful. It's not violent or bashing in any way, just very upfront and constructive. When it's all said and done, the girls "flush it" and we break as a team and move forward with practice. In my opinion, any bit of forgiveness that the girls are exercising, will always teach a positive lesson for their future. Lessons they also learn is having accountability with one another and not being afraid to confront people in a positive way.

Anyone else have other methods? Please share :)

Not open for further replies.