All-Star Espn Article About All-star Cheer Anyone? :)

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Thats too long. Can someone sum it up? I read the first part!
took a while to read it... brought up a lot of negatives(us looking like dallas cowboy cheerleaders, glitter, make up, crop tops, injuries). but it has the concept of all star cheerleading i guess.
Thats too long. Can someone sum it up? I read the first part!

It basically just talks about CEA glitter stars (a younger team I believe youth I don't know the level, I think it's 2). It says how they have trouble at practice but then go and win cheersport regionals.
i cant believe i read the whole thing! it was good but it really is a little negative.. :p
Also why are they putting deoderant on a girls back?

hahah I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn't say it was negative, but not positive either. It was interesting to read ( I actually read the whole thing, big surprise.) Maybe it would be different if they had done it on an older team? I'm not sure.
It kind of says that while cheerleading is athletics, it's just as much about "sexualization." They actually used the word sexy, but not too sexy on more than one occasion and talked about the little sparkly uniforms and the 6 year olds wearing heavy makeup and how a huge part of it is being sassy and flirty - all while talking about a youth age team. '

And this is why Stunt ditched the skirts and bows :-\


Men wearing shirts that read "I am your Cheer Daddy" hold their video cameras.

That just sounds dirty.
"Even at 8:30 a.m., the place is a madhouse. Girls lie on the carpeted floor as their mothers apply false eyelashes or sew fake curls into their hair. An older cheerleader shakes glitter onto her male teammate's shag haircut. Next to her, a teenage girl lies serenely on her stomach as a friend methodically spreads deodorant over her entire back."

LMAO I think they meant Icy-Hot stick. ESPN of all companies should know what an Icy-Hot stick is...
I actually didn't think it was all that negative. To someone not a part of our sport, it probably does seem a little Toddlers and Tiaras with the make up and all that (and to those in the sport it can seem that way sometimes lol). Overall, I thought it was a decent article. Didn't really play up on any of the normal steroetypes. Read more like a "day in the life".

Also why are they putting deoderant on a girls back?

I'm going to guess it was biofreeze and not deoderant.