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if you have girls that dont know how to take their bhs back.. i like to tell them to jump UP AND BACK into my arms pushing their hips up, reaching with their hands for the ground behind them, & kicking the ceiling with their toes!

hopefully that makes sense!?! its been helping alot of athletes that i work with!

and for flyers who struggle with their bhs i tell them them jump into a cradle position but without piking in..
Bow Maker said:
Is there any tricks to keeping your arms locked out?

Make sure to land on the hands with the body in a handstand position for the ultimate block through the shoulders. If arms are not properly aligned with the head and shoulders you will get undercuts &/or bent arms=janky bhs. Do handstand hops to practice blocking.
For the jumping back thing, you can have them sit, throw, and jump into a crash mat as many times as needed. Just so they get the feeling of going backwards instead of up. Just make sure they go backwards.

Handstand snap downs off a block are always handy since its the whole last part and one of the most important parts of a backhandspring. If you don't snap down, you cant throw anything out of it.