Full Up From Stradle Sit?

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Nov 28, 2010
So this year my team (lvl 3) has been working on full ups from a stradle sit at a prep level, we can get about 3/4s of the way but we just get stuck. The main base has to 'J' the flyers foot up and I (a backspot) just chunk her butt up and catch the last leg coming around but we only can get 3/4s of the way around....any help?
i used to be a main base on this and make sure the main base pushes her leg up really fast and extends her arms! i hope this helps:)
i was doing these with my coach during camp. definitely make sure that she isn't spinning too early because of the mains flick and make sure that the side base puts a lot of power in it, because her second leg needs to get around as well and at the same time as the main leg and its probably a little harder to pull up tight coming from a sitting position.
For you (the baskspot) try wrapping your right hand around her leg a bit to give it a bit more spin when u push up