OT Game- "duh, Winning" (aka Last Post Wins)

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Mar 21, 2011
This was a really successful game on another cheer board a few months ago so let's see if I can carry it on here....

Basically, the most recent post "Wins", and you keep playing until someone has something so awesome no one can tear it to shreds, and then that person is Duh, Winning! and you start over. Let's say the person before me posts:

I win because I just went to Australia

Then I would say:

The person above me doesn't win because the twenty hour plane ride would be awful

I win because I'm going to the beach on Saturday.

Then the person below me would say why Going to the beach would not be "winning" and say why they are. Make sense? I'll start:

I win because I am going to the Movies on Monday
The person above me is not winning because she doesn't know how to play this game!!

I win because I'm getting the white iphone 4 today
the person above me didnt win because theirs a new iphone coming out already,
i win because i passed my final yesterday! :D
the person above me doesnt win because every cheerleader has a sparkly bow.
I win because i went to buffalo wild wings today :)
the person above me doesn't win because those wings are made of chicken, they are definitely not buffalo, and definitely not wild..

i win because ive gotten a ton of last minute homework done today
The person above me doesn't win because bbq chicken pizza is totally gross! :) haha

I'm winning because I went to olive garden tonight :)
the person above me doesn't win because even though her siggy is fierce, ITS HUGE! and drives me nuts.

im winning because im listening to lady gaga!
The person above me doesn't win because Lady Gaga had a crazy disgusting performence on American Idol and Gaga is officialy Out :)

I'm winning because I'm working hard to improve my skills