OT Halloween Costumes For Poor College Kids

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Mar 25, 2010
so. showstopper is a very poor college kid and cannot afford to pay $50 for a costume i will probably never wear again. Now that I'm freshly made ginger, my friends have given me some ideas for halloween that would be cute: the little mermaid, strawberry shortcake, or the girl from easy A. I am normally a very creative person, but i'm stumped on how to "cheaply" make/create/etc. one of these costumes myself. any ideas?

peace, love, happy cheering

Pebbles from the flinestone's ! i think she's a ginger? then you can put you hair in a ponytail, tease it, and get really cheap cheetah/tiger print fabric. My friend did it last year and it was too cute, she spent the most $20
The Goodwill has Halloween costumes! They're the ones that people bought at the Halloween Store, then dropped off there. I've seen some still in the packaging. Doesn't hurt to check it out!
a white t shirt, white spandex shorts, a colored bra and sharpies go a lonngggggg way! for ariel you could wear a purple sports bra/t shirt and some green shorts or a skirt. and then throw some glitter on it and do your make up really outrageously. or for the girl from easy A, just wear a black mini skirt, a white button up tied so you show your tummy with a men's tie(borrowed from a guy friend perhaps?) and pin an A to your shirt. get it? "easy" "A." hehe, yes a little provocative but hey, whatevs. or for strawberry short cake, just wear all pink, and pink some lace to your top, and a cupcake to your shirt. most of these things you can find in your own closet or in a friends. :)
If you make Ariel when she had legs: Half up hair with a giant hair bow in the back. Plain white shirt with either a black corset or black vest over it. Blue ankle length skirt.