All-Star Help Me - Black Cheer Shoes?!

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There was a team at a competition over the weekend wearing black shoes with a white stripe. Pumas I think.
Old-school Reebok high tops come in black, there's also a low cut version (they might be called the princess? Can't quite remember so I might be lying about the name). They're light but the sole needs a LOT more breaking in to come close to the flexibility of nfinitys. They last forever though, no matter what surface you're on.
Unique All Stars in Columbia Md has black shoes (with a white swoosh or stripe) not sure if they are Nikes or Pumas. You may want to contact their gym and ask them where they got them.
Kaepa used to do black cheer shoes - i originally had ultralytes i think, got them through future cheer but this was many years ago and have since switched to white
My coach had my team wear black sneakers last year at Worlds - most of us got some various form of Pumas - they definitely weren't cheer sneakers though. One girl wore an old pair of black reebok high tops.

I've looked into the Nike Musique ones, but they seem kind of bulky.