All-Star How Do You Deal With Stress?

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Oct 8, 2010
Lately i've been having a really hard time with stress. Our practices have suddenly gotten much harder and as a captain (I'm a high school cheerleader but everyone here is much more helpful and I think this applies to everyone) much more pressure has been put on me to do really well. We also have a new very strict coach that everyone is trying to deal with. Plus I have stuff outside of cheer that I have to worry about like drivers ed. And I think it's stressing me out even more thinking that it's summer right now. What's gonna happen to me when school starts or competition season? I've never really had that problem. How do you guys get through times of bad stress?
Not kidding.

For me, when I'm at the point where I know that I have too much on my plate and nothing can really go, I have to take a deep breath and ask God for the strength and courage to get through that day, that practice, that minute. I trust Him. I know that He won't hand anything over to me without already knowing that I can handle it - which means He sees my success at the end of the journey! Believing in my heart that "someone" has faith in my skills and abilities, even when I'm freaking out, has gone a long way.
You'll be faced with a million tough coaches, teachers, professors, bosses and authority figures in your life. You can handle it now so that you can handle it years from now, also.
Drivers Ed is cause to celebrate! With every move toward freedom, there comes responsibility, and I understand that it's one. more. thing. to worry about. But each day you get closer to your goal.
You are a lovely young lady with an entire lifetime of challenges ahead of you. Know the place from where your strength springs. Understand that nothing we go through is pointless. All of the stress, anxiety and worry you feel right now is proof that can, and will, strive for success.
MamaR loves ya...
I do a lot of cognitive therapy. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I usually "recite" something to myself or in my head. Currently it is: This is only temporary (I'm in my final year of college and not real happy in my current job placement and need this reminder daily- I will NOT work here forever). Talking it out really helps.
I'm on anxiety medicine because I took stress to a whole other level. I wouldn't recommend that unless absolutely necessary.

I also journal the highs and lows of my day. Seeing the highs written down on paper gives me a bit more perspective that not everything is going wrong or is hard.

Pray pray pray pray. Can't agree with that enough.

Lastly, give yourself some you time. All work and no play really is bad. Take 30 minutes a day to relax. Read a magazine, paint your toenails, eat a bowl of ice cream. Do something you enjoy that allows you to veg and unwind.
I totally agree with @retiredl5cheer. Take some personal time whenever possible. Also, it helps me to just breathe. When I get stressed out, I just think in through the nose out through the mouth and focus on slowing down my heart rate. Make sure you get as much sleep as possible and take vitamins to keep up your immune system. When you're constantly busy and always moving, you can get very worn down and sometimes sick. And prayer will do wonders.
Lastly, give yourself some you time. All work and no play really is bad. Take 30 minutes a day to relax. Read a magazine, paint your toenails, eat a bowl of ice cream. Do something you enjoy that allows you to veg and unwind.

DO THIS. You have to let yourself tune everything out for a little bit or you'll start to let everything chip away at you. Schedule time into your day to do something that makes you happy. It will help you relax, refocus, and be able to tackle everything.

Scheduling out your day helps a lot, too. Figure out what you need to do, how long it will take, and plan for that. I've almost always found that once I write everything down and plan it out, the tasks I need to take care of suddenly seem much more do-able.
Pray. & always remember God will never put more on you then you can handle.

I have been more stressed out this whole past year then i ever have in my entire life. Having my mom loose her job my senior year, then her moving to another state for a new job, me being captain of my highschool team which has 28 girls on it plus one evil sponsor, breaking my foot, being on two allstar teams, work & School. Lets just say I had my FAIR share of stress. Hang in there girl, God has a plan for you!! But I must say, Allstar cheerleading & the people on HERE. is whats helped me through this last year. People on fierceboard (or in allstar cheer) in general just GET IT. They understand the stress more then "normal" people haha so def dont be afraid to ask for help or vent when you need it. :)
We once had an amazing martial arts coach who told us before we competed to breathe in deeply and breathe out visualizing letting the butterflies out. Seems kinda silly, but visualizing the butterflies always seemed to make everyone smile :)
Well def pray and try going for a walk or a run, or putting your ipod on and dancing around your room! If it's a perticular person try going to like the y or somthing and hitting the punching bag and pretending its them