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Jun 30, 2010
First, I appologize if I posted this in the wrong section. I have a few questions about doing individuals at competitions. Any help would be appreciated.

1.) Are there multiple divisions for individuals? By this, I mean do they separate the competitors by age level AND skill level or just age level?

2.) If I wanted to compete at a competition that allows individuals but my program is not attending that competition, can I still attend to compete in the individual event? For example, say I wanted to go to American Cheer Power Summer Nationals. They allow teams and individuals. But let's say I want to go to compete in the individual events, but none of the teams from my program are going. Would I be allowed to go? Would my coach have to be present?

Thank you! :)
Your best bet is to check the competition company's website...they ususally have the divisions listed that they offer for individuals and stunt groups.

All the competitions we have gone to separate by age and by level and the older ages usually by sex also.
American Cheer Power does a great job with seperating skill level.
They also have specialty divisions such as jump only or tumble pass.
They have a crowd pleaser and cheer only for non tumbling individuals.
Then they have a best for tucks and only and elite best for twists and under.
They treat their individuals well, they also have Nation's Best where they award scholarship money for senior division
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Depends on the competition company anywhere from $35 to $99 or more for registration fees.