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Dec 20, 2010
I know this year in the Worlds packet, they talked about not being able to hop gyms! Can anything be done if someone does this? I heard that nothing can be done because there is no way to track anything this year, and I also heard all we had to do was let the USASF know. Can anyone speculate? As I said, I know its in the Worlds packet but is anything enforceable?
Does this count if your not on a level 5 team at one gym, but then go to a gym with a level 5 and cheer on that level 5 team?

good question...the way I read it you can go and cheer anywhere but you can not compete at worlds without the matter what level you have previosly competed at, anyone know the specifics of this rule...King? Acedad?
why would someone be at 2 different gyms at the same time... i've heared someone doing that before, but really, is it neccesary? i would like to know how those people think....
This is my interpretation of the why... Team A doesn't earn a bid but another gym (Team B) does and wants to use some of Team A's kids (who are done with their season, right? Not going to Worlds) on their Worlds team to up their skill level.

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