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Aug 1, 2010
I'm getting my inner lip tattooed on my 18 birthday and have been trying to decide what to get. I need it to be cheer related, cheer has saved me from too much for it not to be.

I was thinking something like "2:30=Life" or something involving 2:30, but since the area is so small I'm having a *really* hard time coming up with ideas of what to do.

My favorite cheer quote is "I live me life in increments of 2 minutes and 30 seconds", just in case that helps. (PS, I made the quote up:)
I think they would. If you came up to me and showed me a tat that said 2:30 I'd get it almost immediately.
i agree with the idea of 2:30. it's short but it has a lot of meaning to you.

one thing about tattoos though, is make sure you really, really want it. and that it isn't going to be something you'll regret in 10, 20 years when you have to explain it to your kids.
well, lip tattoos will nearly completely fade in about 10 years if you don't get them touched up every 2 years. So you probably won't have to do so much explaining unless you get it somewhere else. But, I really really like the idea of 2:30. It's meaningful to you and mysterious in a way that few people will probably know what it means right away.
I picked that location for the reason that its easily hidden. My tattoo is for me, not for the world.
I'll show it to certain people, and hide it from others, but in the end I didnt do it for them.

Plus, when I adopt children Im going to hafta have many uncomfortable conversations with them. I'm pretty sure "Why daddy got a tattoo when he was 18 and irresponsible." will pale in comparison to "Good touch bad touch" and "The talk" and "Why is my daddy white but Im not?" and "Why do I have two daddies?"
I live my life or me life?

I would say the first one bc I think people would think either 1. you're a leprechaun or 2. it was a typo :)