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Aug 2, 2010
Hi I was wondering if any body had some stories or tips or anything about being mental on fulls.
I started learning fulls about 9 months ago my first day getting spotted I was told to throw on my own. So I did I opened up at the end and touched down but it wasn't bad.. then i went to throw again and all i know i landed on my neck and didnt rotate or flip. and ever since the it has been a battle. i have tried going to tumble tracks into pit to throw but I cant. Its my senior year and i need to get these skills for college and time is running out. will i ever throw?
i have the same problem. altho i didnt land on my neck. but i have a whole story about that which is too long to say right now lol:p
just easy yourself into it.
like to layouts then at the last min of ur layout look over your shoulder. then once u gen comfortable with that pull your hands to your side. and just take little steps. and make sure your comfortable with what your doing first before u move on.
and start doing this in a place where u feel safe like on the tumbl trak or into the pit
My mental block towards fulls formed when I threw one and landed short spraining both my ankles. I literally wouldn't throw one even with a spot. What helped me was my coach saying, if you don't throw one today, you're off the team. So I got up the courage (although I was shaking i was so scared) and threw one. After that, it got a lot easier. Usually just throwing one will break the mental block.
I dont have a mental block. But how do you do a full!
hah okay, so let me clarify. I have a full, but I start rotating when I am coming down. I usually only make 3/4, and land on my knees or side. I am not scared but I dont know how to make myself twist earlier!! I dont twist until the last half of my full because If i start my twist earlier I will get lost and usually fall. So i wait until i see the floor upside down to twist so I can spot it and I have better body awarness, but I dont make it around ahah if that makes sence. I really really really need a full like asap! I have it on fast track, tramp etc. but floor.... not so much!
please if you can offer any help it would be much appriciated!
My mental block ws horrible. It didnt take me long to learn how to do a full, i would say 3 months. I was so happy when i learned my full quicker then girls who have been doing them for two years. For a couple weeks my full was beautifull i landed straight and stayed hollow and had good rotation. then one day after doing my full back to back i didnt set and kinda landed on my hip, but my arms caught myself so i wasnt hurt that bad. But everytime after that i was to scared to set and would whip it off the floor, i would do it perfectly when my coach spotted me but i would fail everytime he told me to do it on my own. i eventually forced my coach to re-teach me how to do a full. and it fixed the problem. i guess i was so happy that i had my full and learned it so much quicker thenother girls that i got sorta big headed? but all is well now. but honestly the day i threw my full by myself was amazing. my coach would stand there buti counted everytime he didnt touch me. i counted three times and told him to move. it was musle memory. so if i were you, count how many times he doesnt spot you. If he doesnt spot you two time but spots you randomly after that? i wouldnt attempt it. once you got it three times by yourself your golden. iTS MUSLE MEMORY. hope this helped
think layout first then full. you have to take it one step at a time. because you can full at the last 1/3 of the flip. if you break it down at first you can usually break through the block at least sometimes. thats what i have to do i think to myself its just a front handspring front layout if im doing a half. if im fulling then i have to think about doing a half. and now for the most part i can throw more often then i could say last year at this time.
Go back to fundamentals...drills drills drills...maybe try a new tumbling coach for a day and see if they can break you of it...i deal with mental blocks all the time...go slow dont rush anything...just go into the gym with a no pressure will get it...keep up the work and stay positive
I developed my mental block on my full when I was tumbling from my round off into my backhandspring..(i blacked out for half a second) and then stood up for my full, I didn't have enough height for my full, but I tried to throw it anyways because it would've been bad if I didn't throw. So when I landed, I landed with my ankles bent 90degrees, although it did not fracture. There was a strange sharp "knifey" feeling towards my ankles and heels. So I assumed it was a stress fracture. But there was that feeling where I would about to throw a layout or full, I would feel something about to bust out into pain in my ankles. I don't know how to explain it but ever since then I could only throw one or sometimes two fulls at practice. I had everything that I needed. One/two to full, standing full. My mental block isn't as severe as others but I wish that I didn't overthink or self-doubt myself.
And the sucky part is that I can't do spotting for my fulls either. I freak out if there's someone touching me or near me while I'm tumbling. So it's even harder.
i used to get blocks all the time!
recently i had a block so bad, i could barely do a roundoff! just keep trying and take your mind off of things!think about what your going to do the next day, or maybe what your going to do after practice, it really helps!
well i found it better to do it into a pit or on a tramp with no spotter. becasue then u can realize wha tur doign wrong..and more control.
i hateeee mental blocks i have one now with my running full & standing full,,i have the standing full PERFECTLY with a spot but as soon as i have to throw it on my own i freak out & have horrible landings,,i hope you get through this mental block.
well i annt do a full but my friend dose all the time . when i through my layouts i need to set so i right set on the back of my hand . when she dose fulls she rights pull. it helps to forget about everything else and just pull.
work with the tumbling coach you trust the most and if you have a trampoline go do it over and over trying to land on your feet so you body gets used to it. Then try it into a pit and practice in there. At some point you just have to go for it. It is scary especially after and injury but you'll do it, just think college.
i was throwing fulls, doubles, and almost double backs.. and now i wont even do a backhandspring! ive been in mine for over a year now /: HELP!
This past Sunday I finally threw my full.. after now eleven months it finally happend:)
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