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Dec 15, 2009
It's in PA and no one I know has even heard of it. Anyone go here or have friends that go there that can help me out. I'm considering transferring there and would like to see other peoples likes/dislikes/etc.
I know a few people there / that went there. I'm pretty sure they've all liked it, with the exception of one girl and that's because she changed her major and they didn't have it. haha
my little sister spent one semester there about 3 years ago. I know she met lots of wonderful people that she still considers friends. She choose it because it was a really good school for what she was majoring in something science...biology or something. i will say that i partially blame her advisors, but also her and her parents....LOL...but she took/they allowed her to take a huge courseload that was insanely overwhelming and she couldn't handle the pressure. as an incoming freshman she had:

Freshman English
Physics, with lab
Biology, with lab
Chemistry, with lab

i don't know what they were thinking...LOL. i would say that was the only downside that i know of.
If I go, I'll be a biology major with the medical technology option because I will already have my AA in medical laboratory technology. And I will not be cheering, but playing lacrosse. (Sounds odd considering I used to be on MT Reign) As for the party school, idk if that's good or bad either. But so far I'm hearing excellent things about the science department.