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I was reading the "Worst Comp Moments Ever" thread, and I thought it was just going to be embarrassing moments. I don't like reading bad things about people; i prefer just funny things.

So list your most embarrassing (or someone else's) cheer moment. Could be at practice or in a comp. Bonus points if you have a video!!!

Here is a friend's embarrassing moment. I got like 7 or 8 friends to help this team for one competition. So one of my friends is tumbling across the mat in the opening. She throws a beautiful full, and then trips while walking. Here is a video ->
This is my embarassing moment... we started the season as junior 4 and had to go level 5 for dallas. We threw together this routine and this was our first competition as level 5. I was the flyer in the last basket for tosses and had to run to the front of the pyramid to catch a flip. My base gave me a 'little' push to get me there and instead of falling in the back i tried to stay up and ended up awkwardly running to the front and face planting on my way to the pyramid...yay.
In high school I was competing at the IOCC in Nashville. My flyer was about to jump in her basket too early so I gave her a quick squueze around the waist to hold her back. So she turned to yell at me "YOU MADE ME LATE!" while I picked her up and put her in on count and she hit a perfect tt basket. But she was snarling at me while she was in the air! We were in a small ballroom with the judges table right in our face. They heard everything bc she was center front basket, yelling and gnashing her teeth like she was posessed! I was mortified!!! We still advanced to finals but I wanted to die that she behaved so badly. That was my BFF too!
(she apologized later by forgiving me HA!)
I also have another friend on here who cursed while competing at Cheersport. The judges mentioned "the girl with potty mouth" on the score sheet... @friedyyy

I will also put up a video of Lazers this past season. We missed our pyramid counts for some reason (our music was low and I didn't hear what I normally listen for). So my group went to dip and realized we were on the wrong so we stopped, but the flyer still went a did a braced tuck by herself and landed on her hed and on me.
Being a flyer, I tend to get a lot of wedgies. After I got off the floor, i noticed my underwear sticking out of my bloomers and hoped to god that there were no pictures of it:banghead:
(Ok this is a repeat post from"Worst Comp Moments Ever") Well I don't know if you mean on the competition floor or at the competition in general but at CheerSport one time me and my friends were runing down the stairs trying to find our parents and I skipped acouple of steps and fell on my face :rolleyes: But only a few people saw and I only ended up with a big bruise on my face... It was so embarrassing!!
I was at a local competition back in '02 or '03 that only had one mat in the entire building, so every team warmed up on the same mat they competed on. During my team's warmup (in front of EVERYONE who came to see the event), we were doubling out of our stunts when... y'know... to this day I still don't know exactly what happened. All I remember is that I wound up on the ground with my flyer, the bases only had the flyer's feet, and one of my shoes had come off. (And to make it worse - of course - the whole crowd did that obnoxious "OOOOOHHHHH!") I went through the entire rest of the routine with my shoe off. :oops:
I was walking backwards from my tumbling line straight to my basket, and since I was last pass I had to, like, sprint backwards. I ended up tripping and smashing straight into one of my bases. I don't think anyone really noticed, but it was still embarrassing. :/

Nuff said.
We were at Reach the Beach in Ocean City, MD and when you go on to the comp floor you have to go up a set of stairs off to the side. Maybe3 minutes earlier I had told everyone to make sure they didn't trip up the stairs and to go slow. Well, I was one of the first ones up and not only did I trip up the stairs, I repeatedly tripped up the stairs. Andddd the large screen that shows the floor, definitely showed me falling up the stairs. :/