All-Star Nca Day 1 Results

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Dec 6, 2010
I was like searching all over the internet for day one results and couldn't find anything so if you know something post it pleeeeease. I want to know large senior 5 and international open level 5 if anyone has it. I do however know small senior 5 results for anyone who was wondering:
1st California Allstars
2nd Stingray Allstars
3rd Cheer Athletics
4th World Cup Suns
5th Champion Cheer Heat
6th Power Xtreme Envy
7th CheerForce Diamonds
8th Express Allstars Dedication
9th Ultimate Athletics Legacy
10th Orlando Allstars Angels
11th Central Jersey Allstars
12th Capitol City Cheer X5
13th Vipers Venom
14th GAGE Allstar Dragons
15th Cheer Tyme Obsession
16th 1 Spirit
17th Texas Dynasty Ony
At the bottom of the varsity page that you can see the videos it says schedules and results..large senior F5 is in first :)..thats all i looked at though for that division
Ive only checked it about a million times today!
Haha awesome!! As long as I didn't do it for nothing :)

that helped alot was it hard 2 make?
Well, I made the list earlier this week (with the help of another board member!) then I just tried to stay on top of it yesterday as results were coming out! It was annoying to do last night considering I had to do basically every Senior division, and I wasn't planning on being up past 1am doing it, but it's fine! Easy enough to do, just gets a little time consuming.

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