Newbie - Uniform Drama And Advice Needed (tights...)

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Oct 6, 2011
Hi all, I'm trying to get some advice...Our school has recently had some drama about our cheerleading uniforms (kinda like a few other schools, but not on the national news) where our skirts are actually too short for the dress code. The compromise is that we can wear our uniforms during the day but we have to wear skintone tights. So we're all supposed to get the same brand and style. Since I'm captain, it kinda comes down to me picking them... I don't wear tights too often and the ones I do wear won't look right with the uniforms because of the tops of the tights. Sooo...long story short I guess I'd like any suggestions on good skintone tights.
Try looking at some dance websites for dance tights. Namebrands like Bloch, Capezio, and Balera. Then there are footless tights, etc. I am sure it's already decided, but a pair of capri spandex probably would of held up all year long over tights that some are going to have to replace after one or two wears if they snag them.
look at for them. all name brand dance tights would work fine, but make sure the skintone you get actually kinda matches or it will look silly.
Capezio and Bloch are definitely the best brands to get. I've found that when it comes to tights you usually get what you pay for, so it will be worth it to splurge.
Thanks for the help, I'll definitely check out the website and won't go on the cheap. It's better to pay more up front than pay $3.00 constantly...I guess this is the disadvantage of not really being in dance lol... I did more gymnastics stuff. I think we want to get full footed tights instead of capris or footless ones because we don't want to look like Hooters waitresses with tights and socks. But I'm a little worried because I remember dressing up one day and wearing my tights in gym with my sneakers. It felt like my feet were sliding all over the place. Is that going to happen with dance tights? Would socks even solve that problem? And is there anything from a safety point of view (lifts, arials, etc...) that we should worry about doing? I know tights can be slippery...just want to be cautious...
I could be wrong but aren't there these type of tights that are open at the foot but have this little sling you can put around the foot so it doesn't slip upwards? You might be able to still wear low rise sneaker socks with then and wouldn't slide...
That's a pretty good idea, maybe we'll experiment with a few different styles before we make a final decision...
As an idea, rather than compromose on the look of your cheer uniform, maybe the whole team could wear their warm-ups or get a nice team polo.

Like you've pointed out, tights with the uni will definitely look different.
If you are doing tights with a uni I would go with sturrip and no show socks. I danced for 15 years ,and my CP has danced since she was 3. Full foot tights with tennis shoes are going to slip. Hip hop shoes are basically split sole tennis shoes, and all of the girls wear no show socks becuase of the slippage.
We talked about wearing our warm-ups but we decided that we wanted to wear our uniforms. It's a good idea though. We just felt like wearing tights with them was a small sacrifice. I've ordered a few different styles/brands/colors to try from, so we'll see what all works out. Thank you guys so much for your advice. It has really been helpful. And I think it's much better than going to walgreens and buying leggs.
If you don't like any of the options you've ordered, try primasoft's convertible tights. My trick for dance class (I hated my toes getting squished wierd with tights) was to wear the "toe" on my heel and if I was in street shoes, wear socks over top the tights. The convertible opening on this brand is really bulky and is uncomfortable when worn regular, but works well worn like this. Capezio tights feel better when worn regular but i still hate the half covered, half not feeling under my foot, and they pull too far up the leg to have the opening hidden with low cut socks when you wear the toe on the heel. Primasoft's "suntan" color is really pretty too and they hold up well. I've had pairs last 3+ years.
Thanks so much, that's such a good suggestion! :) So does anyone know what tights professional cheerleaders wear? Are they generally Capezio, Danskin, and Bloch?
Ok, just a lil update for anyone who cares: We decided to go with Capezio convertible tights. For fun we also bought the ultra shimmery ones for some special routines at our basketball games we're doing to '80's music...