All-Star Nike Pro Shorts?

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May 11, 2010
This is pretty random... ;)

I just ordered a pair of Nike Pro Core Briefs/Shorts form Footlocker US (the have a buy 2 fpr 29,99 $ promotion!) and as I won't really be able to return them because I live in Germany, I've got kind of a shopping guilt thing going on mixed with fear that they won't fit or won't be any good...

Anyone here got them? Do you like them and do they run true to size?? And do the last?And, and, and argh... I cannot wait! :rolleyes:

Oh and I also ordered the Nike Pro Core sports bra and a pair of Hero Mesh 3,5 shorts! xD
my cp loves them. They run true to size and are the most comfortable shorts she has and the bra too.
Oooh, thank you som much! I can't wait, haha! they cost 50$ each over here in Germany so even with shipping and handling, I guess it will be so worth the hassle of ordering from the US. ;)
another question: what length core shorts do you order? I would think the 2.5 inch, but when you tell footlocker's web site you want shorts for cheer/dance they come up with 5 inch shorts
I ordered the 2.5 inch ones. Just search for Nike Pro or browse through the women's shorts section. :)
Are those the fitted compression shorts? We are going to use those for practice wear next year. I like the Nfinity shorts too.
My CP has about 10 pair ,2.5inch and the sports bras too. She loves them. They are true to size.As far as lasting, she has had them for awhile now and they seem to be holding up well.
lakerfantlc said:
my daughter also love the neon sports bras from target...super nice made and comfy

I saw those and wanted them!
Nike Pro's are probably the most comfortable articles of clothing I own. I've found that they run a little big. I usually wear a small in like soffe shorts, but I get a youth large or a youth medium in nike spandex. the adult extra small also kind of fits though, it just depends on how tight you want them.
my daughter also love the neon sports bras from target...super nice made and comfy
Oooh thank you! I've been thinking about getting those for a while but I wasn't familiar with the brand or anything so I was worried that for such a cheap price they wouldn't be fantastic quality. I want the tie dye looking ones!