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Who's received the partial bids that were passed down from teams that upgraded?
Here's a list of the partials that have upgraded.

01/16/2011 - Universal Spirit - Spirit of Hope National Championship
Charlotte Allstars Teal (Large Limited)
FAME Allstars Celebrities (Semi Limited)
JuST Cheer (Small Senior)

01/23/2011 - American Spirit Championships (ASC)
Platinum Athletics (Small Limited)
Platinum's Partial should have been handed down to KC Cheer Small Limited. I dont know if they passed it down or not. Some people were saying sometimes event producers will hand down the bid, but not so much the monetary value. Anyoen from KC cheer let us know what happened? The company was ASC
KC Cheer sm limited received Platinum's partial from ASC.

OK - You beat me to the post! LOL! So glad it got passed down to you all! We're glad its a team who is friends with our team and who had great sportsmanship when we competed against you all!!! See you down at Worlds!
We were all rooting for yall in chicago from home! :) Great job.. .and thank you ;)

Awww! Thanks! One of your kids sent me a facebook message and was like "Please, Please, PLEASE get the Full Paid Bid!" It was cute! Thanks for the support! Glad you guys got it!
Not open for further replies.