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Nov 13, 2010
Coach / Athlete
Small Seniior 5: Orange/Cali
Medium Senior 5: Cheerforce/Woodlands Elite
Large Senior 5: F5
Small Coed 5: Brandon
Medium Coed 5: Ga
Large Coed 5: CEA
IOAG 5: Pink
IOC 5: Cheerforce Nfinity
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Dec 1, 2011
Small Seniior 5: Cali, SSX
Medium Senior 5: CA Panthers
Large Senior 5: F5
Small Coed 5: Brandon, Cali Smoed
Medium Coed 5: GA, Prodigy, TnS, GT Platinum
Large Coed 5: CA Cheetahs
IOAG 5: CA Fiercekatz
IOC 5: CA Wildcats <3
IOC 6: CA Jungle Cats
Apr 24, 2010
Retired From Cheer
Small Senior 5: Stingray Orange
Medium Senior 5: Cali Aces
Large Senior 5: Senior Elite
Small Coed 5: Desert Storm Elite Rage
Medium Coed 5: T&S Obsession
Large Coed 5: Top Gun
IOAG 5: Desert Storm Elite Divine
IOC 5: Spirit of Texas
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Deleted member 8658

**i have very strong opinons about large senior, small senior, and large coed :cheering:

Small Senior 5: ------------ California Lady Bullets
Small Senior Coed 5: ------ Brandon Allstars
Medium Senior 5: --------- Maryland Marlins Tsunami
Medium Senior Coed 5: --- Twist and shout
Large Senior 5: ----------- Cheer Extreme Senior elite
Large Senior Coed 5: ----- Top gun
International Coed 5: ---- California Allstars
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Most Positive, Best Parent '12
Staff member
Cheer Parent
Dec 15, 2009
Las Vegas
Small Senior 5: (To Many Teams)
Medium Senior 5: Woodlands
Large senior 5: World Cup

Small Coed 5: USA Wildcats ( just a Lil biased )
Medium Coed 5: GymTyme
Large Coed 5: TopGun

IOAG 5- Gymtyme
IOC 5- Gymtyme

That's not gonna cut it. You're going to have to take a stand.
(anyone notice how this thread has killed the normal prediction drama)
Jun 23, 2011
The sunshine state
Coach / Athlete
Okay, so my small coed & large coed are just based off of favoritism & people I know on the teams, lol.
small senior- Cali
med senior- woodlands
large senior- world cup

small coed- tie between Cheer Express & Brandon (hehe)
med coed- GymTyme
large coed- Top Gun
Jul 23, 2010
Small Senior - Orange or SSX
Medium Senior - Woodlands Elite Generals <3
Large Senior - Maryland Twisters F5

Small Coed - Brandon Senior Black
Medium Coed - Twist and Shout Obsession
Large Coed - Ace Warriors

IOC 5 - Gymtymeee! Although I'll be rooting for PCT Grape Crush
IO5 - Cheersport Great White Sharks...have to go with my Canadian girls, although if Gymtyme Pink wins I won't be mad
May 11, 2011
up in the gym!
Small Senior 5: Cali Elite
Small Senior Coed 5: Cali Smoed
Medium Senior 5: Generals/Panthers
Medium Senior Coed 5: Spirit/GT Platinum
Large Senior 5: ahhhh can't decide between F5 and Stawwws
Large Senior Coed 5: Cali Coed
International 5: GT Pink
International Coed 5: GT Black​
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Dec 27, 2011
Small Senior 5: Cali Lady Bullets <3
Small Senior Coed 5: Branden Senior Black
Medium Senior 5: Maryland Marlins or Woodlands
Medium Senior Coed 5: Gymtyme <3
Large Senior 5: F5 of course! :)
Large Senior Coed 5: Top gun
International Coed 5: Gymtyme Black
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