All-Star Pick One Team Per Level 5 Division You Want To Win Worlds!

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small senior 5- Small Senior X
small coed 5- Brandon Senior Black
medium senior 5- Tsunami or Woodlands
medium senior coed 5- Twist & Shout or Spirit
large coed 5- Coed Elite or Cheetahs
large senior 5- Senior Elite

Small Senior 5: Cali Lady Bullets
Medium Senior 5: Maryland Marlins Tsunami
Large senior 5: F5
Small Coed 5: Cali Smoed
Large Coed 5: can't decide! either Cali, Top Gun, or UA Prodigy
IOAG 5- Gymtyme Pink
IOC 5- Gymtyme Black​
Small Senior 5: Stingrays Orange
Medium Senior 5: Cheer Athletics Panthers
Large Senior 5: World Cup Shooting Stars
Small Coed 5: Cali Smoed
Medium Coed 5: Georgia All-Stars
Large Coed 5: Top Gun
IOAG 5: GymTyme Pink
IOC 5: Top Gun
Junior level 5: (if they could still go) Super Duper Supercells<3
Small Senior 5: Small Senior XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!
Medium Senior 5: Tsuuunnaaammmiii:)
Large senior 5: the divas<3

Small Coed 5: S-m-o...e-d
Medium Coed 5: Obsession
Large Coed 5: Cali Coed

IOAG 5- Gymtyme Pink
IOC 5- CF Nfinity(my most favoritest team in the whole wide cheer world<3)
Small Senior - Green Bay Elite Pink, love them!
Medium Senior - Woodlands Elite Generals <3
Large Senior - Shoo-Shoo-Shooting Stars!
Small Coed - Can't say cause my team is in this division and I don't want to be biased :p
Medium Coed - NJSE Fab 5!
Large Coed - UA Prodigy
IO5 - GymTyme Pink
IOC5 - Spirit of Texas
Open Hip Hop - CNY Storm Tsunami ;)
Small Senior: I haven't decided yet. I'm waiting to see Cali Elite's new routine :) for now.... Orange
Small Coed: Undecided
Medium Senior: Cheer Athletics Panthers
Large Senior: WC Shooting Stars
Medium Coed: Twist and Shout
Large Coed: ACE Warriors or Cali Coed
IO5: I want someone else besides GymTyme Pink (Yes they're amazing, but they're also Louiville All girl they have a clear advantage of recruiting the best talent from around the country) Not hating on GT (they're our motivation at my i5 practice, i just wish someone else could win and shock everyone)
IOC5: Cheerforce NFinity

I don't add my gym's teams in their... i don't want to be biased... but i think our teams are incredible too and will turn heads again this year at Worlds! :)
Small Senior: California Elite!
Medium Senior: Panthers or Cali Aces
Large Senior: Any? They're all so good!
Small Coed: California SMOED
Medium Coed: Black Ops or Platinum
Large Coed: Cali or TG
International Coed: Cali or TG
All girl International : GymTyme Pink Ladies!​
small senior : Lady Bullets or small senior x
medium senior : woodlands elite generals
large senior : World Cup SS
small senior coed : My division ?
Medium senior coed : Platinum
Large senior coed: Top Gun
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