Prayers For Lsu Coach Chico Garcia

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    Update – October 03, 2011

    Chico got a haircut and “Immune Builder” smoothie today, so he is feeling much better!!!
    In PT and OT, they have been working on strengthening his neck muscles and using electrical stimulation to aid in scapular and shoulder movement. His lung volume (amount of air he’s able to inhale/exhale) is improving, but still not high enough to get off the vent. It may be several more weeks before that happens. He continues to communicate by whispering/ mouthing words, and everyone seems to be getting better reading lips!!!!
    He is getting proficient driving his chair around the floor and in his room and Mrs. Sue plans to get trained on using the vent in the next week or so, so that Chico can leave his floor and she can take him outside! GEAUX MAMA SUE!!!
    Had a CT scan today and learned the reason he has been running fever on and off is because he has a sinus infection that is “trapped” in his maxillary sinus. Will determine how and when they will drain it, and let Chico know this afternoon.
    With this type of injury, a major concern is the formation of blood clots. Certain actions have been taken to help prevent this from ocurring and routine ultrasounds of his extremities help to ensure the lack of formation. He had one today, and still NEGATIVE!!!
    He loves being able to see and talk to everyone through SKYPE, so if you haven’t done so yet, download the free app and add CheeringforChico to your contact list!!! He has an assistive technology session on Thursday, which will teach him adaptive ways to control his computer and iPad!!!
    A lot of people have been asking, but the “average” rehab stay is about 7 weeks…In Chico’s case, his “rehab” has not even begun. He is still in the process of being “stabilized”, so his 6-8 weeks have not started and may not do so for a few more days or weeks.
    The event at Sulivan’s was a HUGH success, so a special thanks goes out to everyone that attended!!!
    Remember, we have events tonight at Sombrero’s and this Friday at Ruffino’s, so come show your support if you can!!!