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Jul 6, 2010
Sorry if there's already a thread on this but I searched and nothing came up so I think I'm good. Does any body else have an issue with procrastination like I do? Once again its almost two o'clock in the morning and I'm up working on a paper that I waited till the day before it was due to start. Anybody out there have any advice for chronic procrastinators like me?
Procrastination speaks to priorities. If we were all procrastinators, we would wait until a week before comp to learn our routines. We don't, because we need to perfect it. Same goes with a paper.
I always used to set myself a schedule to do little paper-related thingsevery couple of days so I didn't end up stressing so much at the 11th hour. Day One, pick a topic. Day Two, write your thesis statement and conclusion (roughly.) Day Three, do your research, etc. It's the worst feeling knowing you could have done better, but CHOSE mediocrity.
@Mamarazzi is right on the money with the schedules! Just what I was going to say :) To add on a little, divide up when you're actually writing the paper! "Today I'll do this piece, tomorrow I'll do this piece" ect. That way, a ten page paper turns into a bunch of three or four page papers. It also feels good to write those deadlines down and then cross them out. You really do feel like you accomplished something and see progress being made.
Also, try and free yourself up from the distractions. Turn your phone off for an hour or two, shut off the internet, go to a place where you won't be apt to talk to someone. Pretty much turn off everything EXCEPT the document :p
Google the pomodoro technique. There are several pomodoro apps that can be as simple as a timer or as complex as blocking websites for set periods of time (it'll make sense when you read up on it). I have a study buddy and we synch our pomodoros so when break time comes we gossip and then push each other to go back to work.

Also take a moment to think about WHY you're procrastinating. I often procrastinate because I'm scared- whether it's scare of putting in the effort and getting a bad grade (if you do it last minute then you have an excuse for a bad grade, right?) or if you're fearful of a skill (I'm always so reluctant to work on new stunts because they terrify me). Fear of failure, letting someone else down, or even just not being able to do it ever… procrastination is rarely just pure laziness.
I meant to tag @BowCat in my post earlier - this is the reigning queen of paper-writing...
I have this really annoying problem where I have to get everything done as soon as I get it or I start stressing out! Its not procrastinating, but it still makes my anxiety levels sky rocket
i should be studying right now, and i keep telling myself that the time i go on to tumblr or fierceboard and i have no notifications or new posts, i will.
guess the internet is a busy place right now :rolleyes:
Thank you so much for the advice, I finally got the paper done. But next time no procrastinating for me, I don't think it helps this weeks be extremely stressful, between that paper, a calc3 test, and a book I have to read. I dont think I'm gonna keep procrastinating just cause it adds entirely to much stress.
For me it is so easy to procrastinate during competition season. It seems like everything in the cheer world is so much more important and more exciting than school work...all star cheerleading problems
proof of procrastination: me posting in this thread, aka playing on the fierceboard instead of writing my paper.

i'm suffering from a little something called burnout....
I procrastinate with certain things. History? Start every paper 9 PM the night before it's due at 8:30 AM. Organic chem? Studying non-stop all the time everyday, extra tutoring, practice problems everyday...
It is all about priorities. I'm not going to be a historian, so I'm okay with a B on a paper (even though I haven't). I do need an A in bio/organic chem, so most of my focus goes into those classes.

I like to think cheerleading has taught me to thrive under pressure :)
Yeah its harder for me to write a paper I guess, cause I am a math major. I rather do 3 hours of math, then a three page paper.