All-Star Rewinds In Level 5

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Dec 4, 2009
Why or why not?
Yes. They need something new at L5. I don't think that going 3-1/2 high or flipping tosses are appropriate or safe for the maturity level of L5 athletes, but I think that rewinds are a good compromise and a transition into collegiate/L6 level stunts.
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Rewinds are way easier to do than 1 1/2 ups. And teach. But there'd be no separation from college stunting then besides flipping dismounts.
Admittedly, I was not 100% what a rewind was when I opened this thread.. shame on me, I know. But honestly, looking at- why NOT? It doesn't look anymore terrifying to my eyes than transitions in pyramids being done now in level 5. I think level 5 athletes are fully capable.
I think they should be legal, and NOT to prep level. Prep level teaches poor technique, possibly rewind to load in/squish, but prep, no. I would like to see rewinds legal, I def think they are/should be the next step after full ups.
I don't think so just because like you said there would then be no difference in stunts besides flipping tosses and pryamids.

I think level 5 stunts are beginning to all look the same but if the lines between level 5 and 6 becomes even more blurred (they share tumbling) then what is the point of having the two divisions.
Not exactly a rewind but Shooting Star's stunt this season had something similar. It is somewhat possible with the current rules.. just a little restricted.
I think rewinds would be okay in level 5 if they landed in a sponge. I'm not so sure about landing at prep level or above.
First I would like to say that @Num1Stunta has been saying this for months and everyone always shot her down.

I think rewinds to Sponge or cradle should 100% be allowed. To extended level, I mean, they are doing the same thing, its just about technique and being able to keep it up there. I don't think we would see many teams hitting them to the top, but worth a shot.
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All flipping must originate with the flyers feet on the floor. No limit to how you can land.
probably no twisting while flipping at 5, must originate from ground level, you would also probably want to limit it to 1 flipping rotation or 1 1/4 so you could do a rewind to a cradle.

then in college you can hit the double twisting rewind