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What does your school do about seniors in the routine. Is there any special privileges seniors get that they maybe they dont deserve, like being in the front, or are some seniors left out completely because they dont have the skills for competition. Do you think its fair to leave a senior out of competition if they've been cheering all four years of high school and have been working but just haven't gained the needed skills?
Seniors automatically make the mat at my school no matter what their skill is as long as they make it after tryouts. Normally at choreography they get put in the formations first, so they are usually front row, but sometimes it just depends on the flow of the routine, so they could end up anywhere. But they definitely get center of the dance.
At our school, being a senior doesn't mean you automatic earn the right to be on the competition team. It is made up of the "best of the best" which I think is fair if you want to be competitive. Also, we don't just put seniors in front because they are seniors. However, there are so many parts to a routine that I think everyone gets to be toward the front at some point, whether it be for jumps, dance, cheer, stunts. In my opinion, it is a team effort and sometimes kids have to realize they aren't always going to be the center of attention.
The girls on my team earn their position/placements based on skill. It doesn't matter what grade you are in. Seniors get other special little duties and Sr nights for each sport but they are a team first and each of them is as important as the other ;)
Seniors were typically looked to for leadership positions such as being motivators when practices got tough, but by no means did they get anything "free". You earned a spot on the competitive team if you had the talent (which you usually did if you cheered for all 4 years of high school), and then spots were chosen based on ability and location in stunt groups.
Sadly all senior have made the mat :( but I am a senior but have skills along with a junior making us coed :) .. We get highlighted and so does one girl with variation thru to full .. But if u don't have skill you can't make the mat (the senior can dance their buts off)

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The HS comp team I coach, seniors get no special priveleges. I totally disagree with programs that let seniors automatically make the team or automatically be in the front. If a senior has cheered all throughout high school and worked to their full potential, I fully believe they will have no problem making the team fair and square. We had a senior this year that was placed as an alternate on the team, she simply did not put in the effort to improve her tumbling skills last year and the other girls pulled ahead of her.
Being a senior doesnt determine your team placement at my school. the only time it automatically puts you on varsity is if you have cheer freshman, sophomore and junior year and all three of those years you made JV.
My high school competition team is based fully on skills. Only the best of the best make the team and even then the seniors aren't automatically put in the front. Our routine is choreographed for whatever is best for the team and the routine. We have sophomores flying in front of seniors because their flexibility is better. Seniors get no special privileges and I don't think they should.
Seniors automatically make varsity and usually make competition (but not always...especially if they're fighting for flyer spots). Formations aren't based on seniority, though.

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A highschool that i'm probably going to go to, their "team captains'' are picked because they are seniors. and it also does not matter on skill at all.... everyone who tried out at the school made it... sadly no talent is required... :\
At our school Seniors make varsity (if they make the team that is) and they don't really get special privileges but on senior night all 4 seniors got to be flyers in the opening stunt (our school is only 3 years old so we're new to the scene).
at my school its our first year doing competition with a new coach and im really curious to see how she does things. for our pep rally routine (reallllly big deal where i go, homecoming pep rally routine is essentially a competition routine wit jumps, motions, a cheer, dance, tumbling, team stunts, and a pyramid) the seniors got one chance to all be in the front and there was some talk about that because it was not felt by all of us that they deserved that spot. if you have the skills you should be in the front.
At my school seniors are the special ones. they get a special dance (just for sr cheerleaders), always in front for pics, they're always majority of flyers (doesn't make much sense right... ohh ik), seniors get 1st picks on everything, captains usually seniors, awards at end of year usually goes to seniors, we have to pay to get all 10 of them some gift bags for 2 homecomings, they're in charge of what we get our coach for holidays and birthdays (one time they bought 60 cupcakes for us and a $20 visa card?), they usually automatically make the team, and most of them don't have any skills besides backing or basing level 3 sometimes 4 stunts.
being a the 1st and only freshy on varsity with them didn't help either:( long story short they didn't like me at all
At our school Seniors make varsity (if they make the team that is) and they don't really get special privileges but on senior night all 4 seniors got to be flyers in the opening stunt (our school is only 3 years old so we're new to the scene).
My high school was similar. All seniors made varsity if they were good enough to make it. Also, two seniors didn't make the mat my senior year so nothing was guaranteed. And all the seniors got to fly at some point during senior night which was very interesting and fun especially seeing our 6'3" guy flying in a half lol.
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