All-Star Standing Tumbling

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Aug 19, 2010
I was watching an all star routine and have been noticing it for a while now. Whenever a guy or girl (usually guy) begins their INCREDIBLY difficult standing tumbling pass, they barely even sit when they go for their back handspring.

I decided to go outside and try it; one or two steps to get my momentum going and a small sit in my back handspring and just go. However, I come to realize that that doesn't work for me at all and I will just stick to sitting a bit more.

My question is, how in the hell do they get SO MUCH power from that when they're barely even sitting? Or is there some kind of technique that I'm missing?
Power doesn't come from the sit. It comes from how fast you get your arms up and snap through. Thats why if you'll notice people that do series to whatever the more backhandsprings you do the more power and momentum you get if you're snapping through correctly. Sit is mostly just how you were taught.
I'm my expert, but AScheer is right. You don't get alllll your power from your sit- actually, sitting too low is bad technique. Just do whatever you've been doing, as long as it's working for you. If you want to work on getting more power in your tumbling, try conditioning your standing multiples! Make then reaaally fast and long, until that type of power becomes second nature to you
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