All-Star Theory On Why Teams Are Doing Bad At Worlds . . .

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Mar 3, 2011
Couple of thoughts on this . . .
1. not adjusted to the time change/jet lag
2. not recovered from the exhausted day of travel

Some of these teams look like they are competing completely new routines from the ones they qualified with. I know it has become trendy to update your routine for worlds but instead of freshing it up some of these teams look like they do in November! If your routine was good enough to qualify if for a bid shouldn't it be good enough to compete with a few minor tweeks instead of creating a entirely new routine?
From what I have been hearing from people there it's the mat and the logo. It's got to be something because so many SS 5 teams have tanked.
i feel like this year was all about the difficulty doing the most difficult skill that the whole team can hit +with soo much pressure to do good and bring home gold the nerves had to get to you!
From what I have been hearing from people there it's the mat and the logo. It's got to be something because so many SS 5 teams have tanked.
Wait what does the logo have to do with hitting your routine? I'm trying to be mean or anything, I'm just curious. :)
I think a lot of it is the push to hit a clean DIFFICULT routine. I feel that many teams are trying stunts that they can't hit because they think it will push them higher in the rankings. As the bar gets set higher teams are going to be pushing themselves even harder. It is downright scary to watch some of these teams.
I haven't seen anyone land their pass and "slip" bc of a logo. I've seen too many teams fall and drop their flyers on the mat. The floor shouldnt have anything to do with executing a full up (or whatever) correctly. Excuses.

I was thinking the same thing. Not sure how a logo on the mat can make so many teams drop stunts.
We are also watching prelims for some divisions. Not looking to offend anyone, but some of these teams are barely throwing level 5 skills - I saw teams with nearly all layouts and level 4 stunts. I have also seen a lot of teams that appear to be throwing skills that are beyond their difficulty level and are having trouble executing. It makes me think that there should be a better way to distribute at-large bids, such as all teams that are awarded an at-large bid need to be judged again after the comp via video (something similar to how juniors received bids last year) and if they have the skills and can execute them safely, the bid stands, but if not, then they lose their bid. Honestly, I'd rather see the junior teams able to go to Worlds than have teams here that don't belong in a level 5 division - I think it takes away from the prestige of Worlds.
Sm sen so far has been a complete BOMB. Even though these are the "at large" teams. It's becoming pretty scary at the amount of teams that have gone up in smoke. Hopefully Semi will be better.