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I wonder if that's the same gym I saw at Halojam that had music and voiceovers straight from SE's music.
I mean seriously? People think they'll get away with stealing their music?
Can't see the video

Does it have to do with a high school team out of SC?
Nope. Looks like a youth, maybe junior level 2 team.

They used both SE's 2010 and 2011 mixes but cut it so terribly. It would cut out and change to a different part in the middle of a song :confused:
is this the team that you are talking about?:
its lexington high from south carolina i was there and soooo mad! haha

I don't know what team it was I had just read something about a team from SC either doing their stunt or using their music, wasn't sure who was being talked about.
I understand that coed teams have used it before,
but unless you edit "who run the world, GIRLS" for a coed team... I will feel awkward.