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Nov 3, 2010
I know there are some fierceboarders competing at worlds and I wanted to say good luck to every single one of you:) Tell me your team and I'll try to watch everyone I can to cheer your team on!

Work it out and leave it all on the floor like you'll never be on that stage again. Just getting there and being on that mat is more meaningful then winning the title itself.

Be sharp, be clean, and be FIERCE.

Love, Erin:)
even though I won't be there good luck to everyone and have a great time<3
On another note of this, I would just like to remind you all that this is an experience of a lifetime. I was in 10th grade at my last competition. The next fall, i tore my ACL. I rehabed, and re-tore my ACL. I came to college and re-tore my ACL. I am yet to be back to my full abilities. I have been trying to tumble again for one final performance, but I know it might not happen. I would do anything to go back to where I was before I was hurt. For alot of teams that consistently get bids every year, worlds might not seem like a big deal, but you never know when this competition may be your last, make it worth it. Leave your heart on the floor and walk away proud. I know most of you are sore, hurt, and tired right now but that will never be a regret. You will regret taking a day off of tumbling because you sprained your ankle, had a fever, or the flu. You will regret partying and staying up the night before worlds leading to being tired which caused the touchdown that could have cost you a place or two or three. You will regret not looking at the stands and judges and realizing that this could be the best moment of your life. I hope you all can walk away from this weekend with no regrets and have the time of your life. Be safe and put your heart into it.
hands on hips, smiles on lips. dont walk off that mat wishing you would have done better, give it your all. You may not have another chance:)

PS be sure to look to your right when you walk onto the mat and wave at the fierceboards :)
Awe this thread is so cute, good luck to every one and thank you all for your support. I'm from NJSE
Not only do you guys have fans sitting in the stands at Worlds but you have an entire forum with athletes and parents and coaches and fans sitting at home rooting you on while we watch you an hour after you compete on our video on demand. For those of us who couldn't make it to Worlds this year ( like myself) I think I can speak for everyone when I say Work. It. Out. Well be cheering all of you on from the comfort of our living rooms and bedrooms. :)
Don't forget to enjoy this time with your team too. I've never been on any team where we were all a family and fought so hard for something. I hope to gain that this year and remember that you are all in this together.
Good Luck everyone. This is my daughters 1st trip to Worlds and she is so excited to compete and meet some incredible cheerleaders/ families this weekend. It really is a dream come true for her:)