High School Too Much Practice??

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Aug 2, 2011
so im on my high school's team, we have practice EVERY monday-friday for 3 hours per practice... practice ends at 5 30. i also have all star, homework, and a social life to worry about. we even have practice on the first day of school... is this too much? what are your practice schedules 4 hs cheer?
We have 2 and half hours every day except fridays cause we have games. But having practice the first day of school isnt that weird. haha Our first day of school is tomorrow and we started practicing everyday 2 weeks ago. I wish we would just go to 3 hours.
my high school team practices monday-saturday for 2-3 hours and on sundays we have team tumbling for 1.5 hours. so we are pretty much practicing everyday and this is from august-march. practicing on the first day of school isn't weird at all, ive never not had practice on the first day of school
i'm on my high school team too..we practice everyday monday-friday for 3 hours. 9-12. i had my first full practice today with my team for the season. we ran a full mile which we don't walk at all, then we did cheers & stunted. then we conditioned. we spelt out our team name while bench pressing our fliers in the air. we also ran while cheering our cheers & when my stunt fell i had to run again. i guess all the practice and conditioning and running will all be worth it in the end.
i cheer for a highschool team in Canada, and we practice once a week for 3 hours, but have a 6 hour choreography clinic or "clean up" clinic every month on sundays to either learn the choreography for our routine (beginning of the season) or really clean up the choreography (closer to competitions). high school cheer is really different in the states too though. we dont cheer at games, and it is a lot more like allstar.
It's normal for high school teams to practice 2-3hrs mon-fri or on non-game days. I don't think I've ever seen a team not practice less than 4 times a week for under 2hrs.
That does seem like a lot, and I can imagine it would be hard to keep up with school work if you also do allstars. My team only practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:30 for competitive and 6-8 for football (or basketball during winter.)
I'm used to practicing everyday from Tuesday-Friday 2:15-6. We sometimes have practice Saturdays 12-4 if we have something really big coming up.
ive never understood why high school teams need so much practice.
also they have to have a routine just like allstar with half of the time. so they get the routine, practice for competition and games and be done competing in Novemberish area (at least in SC haha)
im a high school cheerleader too. we practice every day for 3 hours. and most of the time we just condition. we don't compete and we already learned our cheers. It seems a liiiittle pointless to me to be there every day.

I have a concussion so Im out anyways though

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