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Dec 13, 2009
At our showcase today we explained that video taping was not allowed at the request of the coaches and choreographers.

2 deleted videos, 2 removed sneaky people taping and 2 pleas to cease and desist later we hear rumors that our Worlds teams videos have begun to circulate.

Today was for family and friends to see their athletes progress and to see the direction we as coaches want to head in, not to debut our routines to the World. Please out of respect to our program and just the decency to not film if asked, don't trade or post those videos until we have officially competed.
Very impressive Showcase today Top Gun! I will say - what a HUGE program...and that J4 team is OUT OF CONTROL! Hands down - one of the best performances of the day!

Everyone is excited about the return of Large Coed and seeing the 2 time world champion i5 team - but if everyone would give them a couple more weeks and wait until routines are finished and performed full out at competition - you'll be WAY more excited than seeing today's watered down versions (i'm just saying)!

Good luck TG on a successful season!
P.S. - Cory - your teams usual
I understand that the friends and families are excited and want to "show off" their kid's accomplishments, but is it so difficult to abide by the program's request to wait a few more weeks? If this keeps up, gyms will just stop holding Showcases!

Honestly sometimes I dont think it is the family and friends. Most times they will understand and keep it to themselves for a couple of weeks before posting it. It is the cheer paparazzi and wannabees trying to get a routine scoop out to the rest of the cheer world - wanting to be the one that put it out there. It is unfortunate and sad. No one expects TG to disappoint - or any of the top programs for that matter. So breathe and be patient - it seems like from reading the boards everybody"major" that people are clamoring to see will have competed by Christmas and there will be videos galore.
It was a great day and we had a wonderful time and yes there has never been videoing or pictures allowed at the event and that will continue and be maintained. Competition season is going to be fun across the board.
I was at USA Wildcats showcase- a similar request was made, one that I will abide by and I hope others will do the same for TG (I was videoing for my friend's mother). While I would LOVE to get a sneak peek of what TG's throwing, it's common that I hope hasn't been lost completely.
P.S. - Cory - your teams usual

Thanks so much Nate...we really have been working so hard to either bring something different or just score sheet hitting to the table and I'd hope we'd be able to tweak and work on those elements more before our official debuts at Battle, The Majors and Indy.