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I believe it's a personal decision... Competitive or elite gymnasts train hours a day. Cheerleaders will also require a lot of practice. When I was still active, I had gymnastics 2x a week for 2 hours on top of cheerleading.
It really differs from kid to kid.... but I will say this. If you are just tumbling with out conditioning you are getting the max out of your body. For every hour you tumble do atleast 15 min of conditioning!
i mean it just depends on how u are. i take tumbling three times a week and sometimes i need a breakk!!! it just depends on how much u feel overworked or not!:)
I tumble 3 days a week in addition to my two all star teams and high school team. I need the 3 days to stay in shape and keep the stamina to do my skills. 4 days a week would definitely be more than my body could handle though. I would say it definitely depends on the kid, their health, skill level, work ethic and such.