All-Star Uniforms 21-22

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I just feel Rebel has established that it is physically possible to render clothes that are usually made with traditional fabrics using their AthleticFlex material + copious crystals, and we no longer need to prove this concept.
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Oh. My. God.
Please someone wake me up from this nightmare, say it’s a joke, anything!!! These crazy unis have got it be stopped
Their routine has some really cool visuals and it's obvious that it's a magic theme. I don't get why they (or any team) need a sexy magician Halloween dance costume to sell the theme.
It’s just not translating for me.

On the one hand, these themed Rebel unis seem cute and creative and very fun to wear, like dance costumes. And the part of me that was always jealous of the stuff the dance team got to wear supports this.

On the other hand, it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t explain it.

I’ve been going back and forth on the argument that if other performative athletes can wear costumes for themed routines — figure skaters, synchronised swimmers, dancers — then why can’t cheerleaders? All the reasons you could give for why costumes in cheer shouldn’t happen — that they are inconvenient, can hinder movement, are possibly unsafe, etc. — could also apply to sports where costumes are accepted. So why not have costumes in cheer?

But still, it just doesn’t work for me.
Top Gun I love you but please no. Though I would say these aren't as bad as the school ones with the backpacks.

The only themed uniforms I have somewhat liked in recent memory are:

* Lady Lightning flight/pilot
*TGLC flight/pilot/top gun movie
*F5 baseball
*SSX lifeguard (Not sure if you would consider that a theme because they are always tying in something related to sharks, water, etc. But this worked well.)

I feel like all of those translated well into cheer without being overdone or weird.

I knew we had gone to far when we hit: ACE genie, Dora the Explorer Diamonds, Lady Jags Cinderella.

And now I want off the ride.
The top is cute, but I don't like the strappy back. I don't like the fringe either, TG Royal Jags had fringe skirt and it looked kinda cute for photoshoots, but I thought they looked awful on the floor.
Kudo's to those gyms that forego the choke collars, straps, cut outs, mesh, fringe, and Jeffrey Epstein inspirations for children under the age of 18.

This nonsense began with a certain gym receiving attention for their uniforms. This next comment is not directed specifically at them, but don't forget the narcissistic and diabolical groom children by putting them in vulnerable positions for their benefit and that can be as simple as putting children in outfits not appropriate for their age. Telling people "if they don't like it, they can leave" is textbook manipulation and control. I don't care if it is simply to get media attention, it's not in the best interest of children. Do better.
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