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Jul 25, 2022
Hi, I'm kinda new here (long-time lurker though) so feel free to correct me if my post is all messed up and in the wrong format...hopefully it's not, BUT:

How does your school do uniforms?

My school has Varsity and JV in reverse colors for Sideline season, and then a different uniform (and also reversed colors for JV) for Competitive season.

A family's friend's daughter's school involves swapping out uniforms every 5 years or so, and giving JV the old Varsity uniforms. The JV team right now is wearing the uniforms from about 10 years ago. While Varsity has the new-ish bodyliner + shell + skirt combination, our JV team only has the long-sleeve bodyliner and skirt. Climate change has caused our summers and autumns to become hotter and hotter every year. It is not reasonable to expect someone to cheer under the sun in long sleeves in 70-80 degree weather.

I've heard of some schools (ahem, Live Oak) that have a separate uniform for Game Day and Traditional Routine in competitions, and another separate Sideline uniform. That just sounds overly expensive to me. Do they fundraise a lot? Or are they just wealthy?

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Mar 23, 2010
Do they fundraise a lot? Or are they just wealthy?
Yes, lol. At the very least, I would look into getting a new Varsity shell and passing down the current shell to JV. This way both squads can be sleeveless.

Outside of that, I would reach out to the football booster club and see if they could help. They may be able to get you some funds. In addition to whatever fundraising the squad usually uses.


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Feb 4, 2010
It really depends on where you live. My daughter coaches for a high school team and they get zero support. Not only do they have to fundraise for new uniforms, but she has to present each proposed fundraiser to the school booster club and several have been denied because "football needs new uniforms too and your fundraising can't take away from theirs". In addition, you are not allowed to charge the student for anything outside of the athletic fee with the exception of $25 for the season. In general, high school teams in New England have only one uniform for both sideline and competition, and they also need to fundraise for warmups, since cheering in a shell and skirt isn't feasible in 20 degree weather. I know schools in other parts of the country have several different uniforms, warmups, practice wear etc, but often times it is at a significant cost to each cheerleader.