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AND FB is blocked at my work!!!.. so fierceboard PM it is :eek: I used your fav blue face

(***shimmy for the post AND the blue face, but I can only shimmy once. :()

They blocked Facebook at my job 2 weeks ago too. I was so upset. And for some reason my phone (ahem...AT&T if you're reading this...I hate you) thinks it can't get enough signal in my office to get Facebook. So I'm Fierce Board only at work. They'll NEVER block this because I am the only cheer momma here, so they'll never even know it exists. Unless of course they check out my internet which case it won't matter WHAT'S blocked since I won't work here anymore...:eek: <-- I really do love him

Soooo...should I post the link to the new age grid so I'm staying on topic?:p

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