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Dec 13, 2009
Soooo, what did everyone get for Christmas???

Just finished presents with my mom, gonna head to my grandparents across town in a little bit, and my dads in Georgia later today! I'll wait and post my stuff all together.

I hope everyone was good this year =)
Oh Santa was verrry good to me!
From my parents..
VS Pink Yogas.. white band with zebra lettering of course (;
2 Scarves
An abercrombie cardigan (I'll probably end up exchanging it though. It has some ruffle detailing that's not too flattering on me) and tank top with flower detailing at the neckline
A new Colombia jacket. THANK GOD. It's lined with a fleece that you can remove so really it's a winter jacket, fleece, and raincoat. Perfect for New England.
The Sephora 'Give Me Some Lip' gift set
2 pairs of earrings
Starbucks giftcard :)
Anddddd, Taylor Swift tickets! <3333333333 I basically died.
From my aunt and other aunt, uncle, and cousins..
Express gift card
Hollister gift card
AE gift card

I rarely even shop at any of the places I got things from except VS and AE haha. I'm sure I'll find something cute to spend my money on though :)

My grandparents are coming over later so I'll add on later!
-to write love hoodies, shirts, carribeaner (<bow bag purposes :D)
-cassadee pope macbeths
-sports bras
-nail polish pen
-warped tour tickets
-taking me to see jamie tworkowski speak(!!) :D
-ankle weights :)
-Cheer Athletics T-shirt with a matching sports bra
-Cheer Extreme T-shirt
-Stingrays T-shirt
-Chocolate Bailey Button Uggs
-Juicy earrings with little bows
-And, my favorite gift of all, a plane ticket to Worlds

DKNY Purse
DKNY Wallet
"Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway" by Cherie Currie (a book I've been wanting)
Some shirts from forever 21
Yoga Pants from Victoria Secret (pink with snow flakes and skulls on them)
A new hair dryer
Chocolate Uggs
Extra- High Converse High Tops from my boyfriend :D
Socks with cute patterns on them
A huge bag Starburst
$15 iTunes card (that I spent in like 10 minutes :p)

Now I'm off to my grandparents house to see what they got me :)
I got
Blackberry torch
Cali and georgia tshirts
Lots of clothes from forever 21/ abercrobie/ hollister
And I'm getting my whole room redone
-to write love hoodies, shirts, carribeaner (<bow bag purposes :D)
-cassadee pope macbeths
-sports bras
-nail polish pen
-warped tour tickets
-taking me to see jamie tworkowski speak(!!) :D
-ankle weights :)
ahhh! i love jamie tworkowski. he's seriously my role model. hope you have a great time!
Metallic Cardy Classic Uggs
a North Face
juicy charm bracelet
2 wii games
a hello kitty stuffed animal
some pj's
my dermal anchors
this pillow/stuffed animal thing
-Winter coat
-Bunch of cheer sweatshirts my mom says she's been collecting at competitions secretly
-Cheer bow
-New pair of moccasins
-Viva La Juicy perfume since it's my fave and I lost mine in the summer
-Cheer shirt, black soffees, zebra sports bra; whole practice wear :D
-A TV for my room from Santa
-A shake weight as a joke ahaha
-Some random little things

The best gift of all though was being able to spend time with my family without fighting. Cheesy, but it was wonderful.
Merry Christmas to all<3
an iHome
bras/underwear aha
chocolate uggs
eclipse on dvd :)
lottss of clothes
my modcloth dress and skirt ive been wanting!
books books books
100$ to AE
cute flats
lip gloss
makeup sets from chanel
Pure by DKNY perfumee
and little things!
-digital camera
-viva la juicy perfume set
-zebra scarf
-bunch of clothes from Pink
-Pandora charms
-pillow pet hahah
-AE winter coat
-AE gift card
-lots of money

and i know i'm missing something, but you get the idea :)

merrrry christmas everyone!! enjoy your day!!
santa was very very good to me, and i am so grateful for it all, because honestly, i did not ask for much for christmas because i'm not big on the whole presents thing. i like giving them rather than receiving them.
santa brought me:
my northface snow boots!!! this made me very very happy. that's the only thing i did ask for christmas for real.
christmas clothes
florida clothes
florida flip flops and sunshades
slipper boots
despicable me!!!!
the first season of hannah montana hahaha
pearl earrings
the classic yearly ornaments :) (we get a new one every year for the trees in our rooms)
wool socks
nationals money (i was told no for this one, so i was surprised by this!)
money for food during 3 a days
candy :) :)
a book for the plane ride to florida
a new toaster lol mine sparks...

i must have been on the very nice list this year.
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