Which Competition This Weekend Are You Most Excited For? Lol! There's A Lot Of Them

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i would love to see the Majors, by the way can I ask who are competing in Majors and other competitions?
Sr All Girl: Cali Aces, Cheer Athletics Panthers and Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
Small Coed: Brandon Allstars, California Allstars Smoed and Pacific Coast Magic- Mysterious
Large Coed: California Allstars, Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and Cheer Extreme Coed Elite.
There is also going to be a special needs team there from Cheer Athletics called SuperKatz which will be so sweet :rolleyes:
This weekend is pack with stuff. There is:
SuperNationals - Indy
WSF Atlantic City
UCA - College Nationals

My choice will be....................probably............INDY. Just because everyone will be fighting for the WORLDS BID. Not that i do want to see them all but only one must be choosen. :)
The Atlantic city competition is actually Spirit Cheer Beast of the East, not WSF
Super Nationals!!!! I'm super upset that I cant compete anymore but at least I get to see my team rock the floor as always!!:)