All-Star Wsf Liberty Bell Challenge April 10th

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Aug 23, 2010
april 10th in philly held by wsf the liberty bell challenge who is attending what teams what levels

keystone extreme will be there
tiny 1
mini 1
youth 1
junior 1
special needs
youth 4
senior 3
senior 4
senior 4.2
Rocket Elite
Tiny 1?(half year)
Mini 1
Youth Large 2
Junior Small 2? (half year)
Junior Large 4
Senior Small 2
Senior Large 4.2
Senior Large 4
This comp used to be so big!!! I remember when all of the jersey programs went... WC, Comets, AS*1, SJS, Devils and more
All star one

Youth level 2
Youth level 3
Junior level 4
Senior level 3
Senior level 4.2
Open level 5
Sm ltd level 5
All star cheer academy

Mini 1
Youth 1
Youth 2
Junior 3
Sr Small 2
Sr Large 2
Sr Large 3
Sr Small 4
Sr Small Open 5
Hamilton Starz

Junior 1
Junior 3
Senior 2
Senior coed 4

I'm pretty sure Comets are going, and I think a few Twisters teams are too
on the schedule- some KX teams, State All Stars. South jersey storm, rocket elite, comets, All Star one, Hamilton Starz,all that sensations, all star cheer academy, keystone extreme, etc. It is a long day but a good comp!