All-Star Cheerleader With Cancer Fights To Stay On The Mat.

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Dec 15, 2009
Royce Tisdale----This driven (just turned) 12 yr old is under-going Chemotherapy due to having Lymphoma. He was diagnosed about 4-5 weeks ago. Even with his condition and treatment he competed at Battle Under the Big Top in Atlanta on ACX Prodigy Youth Large Level 3. He is such a brave kid with more passion for the sport of cheerleading than anyone I know. He is an inspiration to us all. We are going to be selling Team Royce tshirts to help with his medical expenses. Not sure if thats allowed to ask here but KING let me know if I need to delete. If its ok I will post info after I get the OK from King. Check out this news piece they just did on him.
Royce is a 12-year-old athlete at ACX in Columbia, SC. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma, currently undergoing chemo and still continuing to cheer. Our local news came to cover his story.

Please watch the video and consider buying a shirt to help his family with medical bills. Royce is not only an incredible athlete, but a joy to be around.
The first time I ever met Royce, he was in the gym at ACX marking out Senior Elite's 2010 routine....probably better than some of those girls knew it. He walked up to my window at the gym, asked if I had fun at Worlds, and proclaimed he saw me on TV cheering on Stingray Orange. He joined a team this past season, and his progression was incredible...he is already throwing fulls after just 1 year. He is so driven and is in the gym whenever possible taking tumbling or coming to open gym. His dedication through this time is an inspiration to us all.

acxjags will be posting tshirt info shortly!

hahah great minds think alike! I just posted a thread on this too. Maybe someone can merge them together for us. kingston

Go Royce! What an incredible kid.
Why don't you send emails with an order form attached to all of the gyms you can think of? I really believe you will sell lots of shirts that way.
Such an inspiring story! The cheerleaders of this world continue to amaze me with all that they go through and push past and continue to do what they love!
Question... is there a trampoline on the side of that floor? 'cause at the end that guy came flying pretty high from nowhere before his punch front!
Thanks for posting :)