Favorite Cheer mixes from last season?

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I think Senior Elite 2010 will always be my number one favorite..EVER. But I also looooved Top Gun's worlds mix!!
*ICC Inspire - Worlds
*Premier Tennessee Pumas - Worlds
*Top Gun Ultd and Sexy 6
*Georgia coed
*Brandon Senior Black
*Senior Elite
*Cali Coed. - NCA

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ahhh i love soooo many but these are my top 10 :)
- cali lady bullets worlds
-cali coed
- WC Odyssey
- kentucky elite cats
- senior elite
-top gun unlimited worlds
-georgia semi limited
-WC shooting stars
- premier tennessee pumas worlds
- brandon senior black
Does anyone have Brandon Sr Black worlds mix that they could send me please? (I only have a ripped version which has people screaming in it and stuff :/) I can send other mixes in return :)