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Nov 21, 2021
Hello all, I recently pulled my daughter out of a gym we’ve been going to since may. I signed the contract unknowing of the “quitting fee.” Basically, if we “quit” we would have to pay a $500 quitters fee as well as the remaining tuition for the next 5-6 months. Competition season hasn’t even started for the gym yet. However, This gym is very sue happy. Also, I pulled her out due to fears of her health and safety due to the gym neglecting covid protocol and harassment/bullying from the coaches. Is there anything I can do or any advice y’all have? Thanks in advance
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Jun 6, 2012
If they actually sue, the only way it would be worth their while is to file a small claim. If they file a suit against you, you can always file a counterclaim for the reasons you stated above. If served, be sure to respond by any deadlines given and show up to the court date set or you default (automatically lose). Small claim details vary by state, but you can look up your state online.

Document everything. Print off any emails, texts, etc. concerning their COVID19 protocol compared to the CDC recommendations, or your Governor's requirements, at the time you left the program. Print off or document any conversations and their response concerning any bullying, with dates and names.

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