High School How Many Cheer Teams Does Your School Have?

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Mar 12, 2011
My school has 3. Competition, Football, and Basketball. Last year we had Competition and Game (game cheered for both basketball and football). How many does your school have and which ones are you one? I'm on the Competition squad.
Technically four - varsity, JV, freshmen and competition. Competition is mostly varsity but JV & freshmen girls can try out.
two, jv and varsity they both cheer basketball (we dont have football) and the varsity squad competes and with a few jv girls bumped up
My high school had five squads (and still do, if I'm not mistaken... though it's been a while since I graduated). Varsity Fall, JV Fall, Varsity Winter, JV Winter, and Competition.

I was only on Varsity Winter for the three years I participated. Fall interfered with summer community theater productions I was in and my poor body wasn't fully recuperated from my previous years on all stars to take up competing again.
Only 2. Varsity and JV. Both are competition squads. Varsity cheers all home and away football games ( we rode the bus to away games with the boys which was really fun),all home basketball games, and all competitions ( this past season we did 5 for fall season and 4 for winter). JV cheers for all home football games, some home basketball games, and does competitions ( 4 for fall and 2 for winter). Varsity practices every day after school from 230-400 from August 15th until November 20th. JV practices 2 times a week. All girls try out together and then are placed on their respective teams. I was on Varsity for all 4 years and all 8 seasons ( fall and winter for 4 years).
We have 2. JV and Varsity. Both cheer for all football and basketball, home and away. Both also compete. We pretty much do everything with Varsity. The only difference is that they have more skills (obviously) and that they legally can go to state.
3.5? haha..........Varsity, JV, and Freshmen plus a competition squad sometimes that was a mix of girls from all 3 teams. At the time there was only an intermediate or advanced division, so if there were enough girls with the required tumbling interested in competing at the beginning of the year then we had the team. Otherwise everyone just did sideline.
Football cheer- JV and Varsity, JV goes to 1 one competition and Varsity goes to two. Basketball cheer- its just one team and they only do sideline cheers at games
I have a Varsity and a JV. We might just compete all girl stunt group for the girls that really want to.
I have to see how much the commitment level is to have a full comp squad.
We have three: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball/Competition, & JV Basketball/Competition. Varsity Football is the only cheer team for Football so it really should be called Football cheer and all they do is stunting classes & camp. Football is basicaly a Spirit squad, Both of the basketball squads compete and cheer for basketball games, obvisouly, and go to tumbling/stunting classes, conditioning, camp everything together. :) Basketball cheer squads are the ones you would defienetly consider cheer a sport at my school. I'm on JV and this is my first year in HS.
we have 4!
varsity: cheers at football and basketball ( boys and girls) but attends soccer and wrestling. Are full varsity team competes. We also do individuals and stunt group competitions. (12-20 girls)
JV: cheers at JV football and JV basketball. They compete under the JV division too.(16-20)
JV2: cheers at JV2 football and JV basketball. (16-20)
Freshman: only half a season, they don't cheer at any games or competitions but it is a way to learn more tumbling and cheers to be ready for next season (10-16)
We started something new this year and we only have 1 team with 30 members.
We will do JV and Varsity football and basketball games and alternate between group A and B. Everyone cheers at Varsity home games.
Only 20 girls compete so everyone on the squad must work hard to get on the mat!
(it makes sense to do it this way because our school is really small)