All-Star I Am Fed Up With Varsity Tv Videos And Their Slow Loading

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Dec 4, 2009
It really irks me to try and watch videos

SO, to any people on Varsity TV that read, I offer a solution (instead of the normal just whining and complaining!).

You can pay for a Vimeo account (it is like Youtube only a bit higher quality and just as fast). In that account you can set it up so the videos from your competition can ONLY be viewed from the domain. If someone tries to link directly to the video and play it outside of varsity it will not allow it (or shoot you to the varsity page). It will track everything for you, give you analytics on who is watching and where, allow you to categorize, and be done with that AWFUL interface you guys have going on.

A fast loading video that doesn't cost you bandwidth to host. HD quality videos! There is a cap of 5 gig a week, but, correct compression and uploading at 480p (cause 1080 for a cheer comp is silly) would not exceed that for a ton of videos. And if that was a concern at all you can have multiple accounts.

And, this is all for a grand total of.... $60 a year. I just made you money and your service better. How much do you guys pay for hosting and bandwidth currently? It is either not enough to meet the needs of the public or way too expensive.

Chances of the Varsity TV people reading this and actually doing it.. Zero.

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Sorry, it is 5 gig PER VIDEO. If you have any cheer teams with over 5 gig per video that may be the worlds longest routine.

So, basically no limit to videos per comp.

Heck, I might just set all this up for free if you ask me.
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OR, and check this one out, you can make the area where the videos are hosted private for everyone BUT subscribers. Charge 20 bucks a year (pretty much for 20 bucks a year everyone on fierce board would sign up for the year) to access the private area AGAIN hosted by vimeo. Then store every single video you have, ever. Lets see... the Fierce Board averages 20,000 unique visitors over a week period. Times that by 20 bucks, and that is 400,000 dollars. All for 60 bucks a month and a little nerd know how. Still throw in your Secret deodorant commericals or your Venus razors. Ill deal. I just want to be able to watch!
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And the best part is people rip and put videos on youtube so we can actually watch them! meaning all that money for advertising and trying to keep people in the 'varsity' domain fails because to actually watch anything 'we' go out and rip and move it to somewhere else. Instead of staying within your domain, beefing up your advertising, and making people happy with the service provided.

Anyone tell I had trouble watching some videos this morning? Guess how well its going to go when the college videos start getting posted and we all try and go watch.
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Since your post involves $, then it may get noticed by Varsity ;)

I have offered the same idea to Mr. Video 3 times by email. no one took me up on it. There is more techno savvy going into running fierce board than varsity TV and its frustrating! ITs the most bloated slow loading piece ever. It actually turns people off to varsity the site is so bad (I have looked at their analytics). Man Im ornery this morning.
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Currently trying to look up online how many people watch a cheer event on tv. Is it a million? 100,000? 10,000?

anyone know how to find the nielson ratings for a certain show?
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OK, it is less than a million. The top 10 for last week had #10 for poker after dark, and that was at 750,000. I am going to take a stab and say 100,000 people at most? Anyone know?
I had the same issues last night. It does get quite annoying, especially when its mid week and there wasnt any new content posted.
When I go to watch a video on there, I have to click it, wait for 5 minutes and then try and watch it..and it STILL 'jerks.' Really annoying..
I think a revamp if the interface would be sweet too. I hate the while thing, how at some comps vids are just split by level and not division, and there is no way to search within a division/level. Dartfish isn't the best interface, but that has been due to how team names are entered I believe, but it is ten times better than varsity. I haven't used dartfisj this year so it might be better now.
Also when searching, depending on the competition, it may let you type in a division, or may not. It may let you type a level or may not.

If i click level 5, then search, i want to search within level 5. But if i type large senior level 5, it may not work, or then i get every team with large senior in the name. Then you scroll, and more teams load and it jumps back up to the top.

And on my mac, when i watch a video, right around where it skips the 30 second section, it blacks out for a second, but doesnt do it on a PC.
Don't charge money... That's part of what makes Varsity TV so great. It hasn't given me any problems and yeah, it's not great quality, but it's also free. Sorry, but I'd rather just find it on YouTube than pay Varsity for it.
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That's a bit short sighted. 10 bucks for something that is awesome is better than crap for free.

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I rather pay for something that works, and it good quality, then be frustrated because it doesn't work. Free doesn't mean much, when it's not reliable.
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