College Number Of Competitors For Nationals

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Feb 24, 2011
At the UCA College Nationals, I notice most large coed squads tend to use nine men and seven women (three top girls and four middle layer girls). The reason is that the male cheerleaders serve as bases, spotters, and occasionally a mid-flyer in certain pyramids such as the 2-1 liberty and the 4-3-2 Swedish falls pyramid.
What do you think?
I think it looks good for the UCA schools but I prefer the pyramids that I see at NCA nationals because I feel the girls become more involved and the pyramids just look bigger. Though I do love the transitions that the UCA school uses with the powerful guys just basically tossing the girl around from pyramid to pyramid. In all I wish that UCA would go up to 20 people like NCA.
Well, the all-girl divisions use 20 people at the UCA College Nationals as well.

Yeah I was going to add in (but completely forgot) that I love the way all girl does pryamids. Morehead State all girl always has pyramids you could see on the bandshell.

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