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Dec 4, 2009
After getting asked for message forums strictly for parents for a while and getting it unanimously getting voted down by the Admins here, the PAC will start a message forum for parents and handle it. The link is posted. Go have fun you parents you.

(that does not mean parents are not welcome here, but some parents would like to chat in a friendlier less fierce environment)
After some some work and a lot of help from Kingston, the Cheer Parents Online Message Board is back online! It is not meant to replace the Fierce Board at all, but be a place for parents to brag about their kids, ask parent questions (How do I pay for all this?), ask for competition advice or just random stuff that you would rather just ask a group of other parents.

Here is the new link:

You can also find the link in "The Fierce Board Network" main forum tab. I have tried to make this useful with parent information, such as links to main cheer sites and other message boards right on the front page. Please stop by when you get a chance and try it out so I can make sure it's working right and start posting.

I know you CPGB parents are still out here, this is a great place to re-grow your roots!
Great, you'll need to reply to an e-mail verification, then post away with any questions.

Ltet me know what else you would like to see. It is run by the USASF Parent Action Committee so we want to make sure and answer important questions you want to ask about the sport of Cheerleading at any level. If we don't know the answer, we'll find someone to get a good answer.