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Nov 28, 2010
In International Cheerleading we are all aware that tumbling is not a thing we are really good at, like our US counterparts. Its certainly developing though.

My question is should a level 2 team progress to level 3 if the majority of the team cannot pull off level 2 tumbling....BUT the stunting, tossing and pyramids skill are ready for the move.

Problems they would encounter if they moved...never a chance of winning because they could never max out their score sheet.

Problems if you don't progress. Athletes getting bored and without the resources to coach level 2 tumbling to all your kids you will be at level 2 forever.

Really interested to throw this out there.
I think you should work on level 3 stunts and tosses and then still compete level 2. You can always "dumb down" your stunts to level 2, but you can't make your tumbling level 3 if everyone isn't already level 2. If you ever get to the 4.2 level though, then that solves your problem! You can do level 4 stunts and level 2 tumbling. Just a suggestion! Goodluck!
in the uk many teams are dropping back levels to where they can be full out. Level 3 is tough old division and in senior it is one of the biggest divisions!!
I coach rockstars (im not sure if you know us we are from scotland we were at jamfest) junior team. When i got them they were half level 4 half level 1/2 cheerleaders. I have kept them at level 2 and now that 80% of the team tumble full out level 2 and have been training level 3 tumbling for a year i feel they are ready to move up. But its hard to be up there in level 3 because its alot of team that have been around a long time but are being level appropriate.

I would have a year or even a half season at level 2 whilst working on the level 3 skills. If you ever need any advice or just to chat about it just pm , as i said im moving my junior 2 up to level 3 this year so im in the same boat!!
Hey! Thanks for that...I know Rockstar and Roz ! Great team. We will certainly finish the year out at at level 2 or even upto March '12 for sure...But its 18 months we are doing it now and won our own nationals. Came 3rd outta 10 in senior 2 large at jamfest. So we are defo on our way...just these tumbles are such an obstacle!! Must say I do love coaching level 2 and there is so much you can play round with!

In regards to your junior squad at jamfest! Big maxed out your level big time! I bet you are so proud!! Good job coach.
I would stay at level 2 until you feel completely comfortable with all of the athletes throwing level 3 skills. If they're getting a little bored, just remind them that once you get the basics completely mastered, it's much easier to learn harder skills faster and tumbling progression really speeds up, so they'll be level 3 in no time!
Hey! Thanks for that...I know Rockstar and Roz ! Great team.

In regards to your junior squad at jamfest! Big maxed out your level big time! I bet you are so proud!! Good job coach.

Thank you! it was a hard job but we got there in the end! I LOVED coaching level 2 had my mind on over drive trying to "bend" the rules, alot of my juniors are on our senior 4 team too and they say j2 is harder stuntwise that s4 because it was so intricate so im sure your cheerleaders wont get "bored" of it!
The tumbling has just taken alot of perseverance, hard work and hour after hour of drills and conditioning! But what i have found is my kids struggled to get standing back handspring and round off back handspring (mental blocks etc) but once they had them multiple handsprings were easy . and they are so open to training round off tucks and they are confident enough to say they want to do it without spots where as when learning bhs i was nagging them like nobodys business for months to throw it themself. It does get easier i swear! but wouldnt it be nice of we all had a sprung floor and all the gymnastic equipment you could dream off... life would be much simpler!!