All-Star Progressions From Level 4 To Level 5

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Dec 15, 2009
Does anyone think the progressions from level 4 to level 5 needs to be addressed? My reasons are as followed, and this only pertains to the partner stunt category. In level 4 and 5 you can full up and/or tick up (switch up) to an extended position. I just feel we are seeing the same stunts in both divisions, and I don't see the progression factor. Maybe doing a 3/4 up and release move to an extended position involving two feet seems a little more logical to me. That way you have the progression levels.
Check out the new rules first then come back to this thread. Things are different for 2011-2013
yeah the rules were changed, we had half turn express ups last year (jersey s4) and they're illegal this year along with ball ups and tick tocks i believe
Yes I have just now had a chance to review the rules. I'm satisfied now. Now there are true progressions.
well our opening stunt from last year is illegal now ! which i guess is alright cause we (tri-state cheer "encore") are taking that huge jump from a first year sr4 to a first year sr 5 .. you gotta start somewhere ... lol should be interesting !