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Jan 23, 2011
so has anyone had a moment when your inner cheerleader takes over?

I have to tell you about work the other day...So I'm a lifeguard and we were having an in service the other day to learn the new way to do CPR because its going into effect soon and we we're doing compressions and I was counting them out loud and so I'm doing this in my own little world until some yells out "David what are you doing?! and I'm like "what I'm counting compression! geez!" and there like "since when do we only go to 8?!" Turns out I was couting 8 counts -_- go team go.
The other day I was yawning and had stretched my arms out above my head. Out of habit I unconsciously had them in a perfect high V. #That awkward moment when cheer takes over.

My (non-cheerleader) boyfriend's name is Brandon... needless to say, he now is very familiar with "Know our name, we will win, B-R-A-N-D-O-N, Brandon!" #That awkward moment when cheer takes over.
i sing cheer music under my breath all day at school... and voice overs pop in my head. also when someone says, "ready?", its a habit to yell "OK!", even though I personally have never done it for anything anyways
Ready? OK! is the worst!

Also: doing random motions walking down the street and whenever I'm waiting for anything, I'm standing in a lib.

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