All-Star Tsunami!

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j3r4h is from the Philippines, which have an alert! Any other Fiercers that are in line of this Tsunami? Prayers to all of them to stay safe!

BTW, I love how there is an alert on Google's homepage! It's the perfect place too because almost everyone uses it. I love the way we use technology :)
Sending my prayers to everyone that is being (or will be) effected by this. Such a terrible tragedy :( and NOT the news I like to wake up to in the morning!
i've heard warning about it hitting the bay area, which is about 3 hours from where i live, and i know there's a few people on the boards in that area. so, prayers that everyone remains safe!
BC Canada is under alert as well. Prayers to EVERYONE. I saw that 20 countries were under alert. So scarey and devestating!
"Because Worlds is less than 50 days away"? Yes...we wouldn't want anyone to die before Worlds. After is fine though. Sorry...this just really rubbed me the wrong way. I'll be praying for everyone today.

Rubbed me totally the wrong way too, big time. So did the facebook post I saw that said "So much for made in Japan lol" Can you imagine?! And yes, I commented (and not in the freidnliest way either)

Pretty sure the last thing all these people are thinking about right now is cheerleading...
God Bless all those who have been touched by this awful, awful event. I will be praying for all of them and hoping it all ends real soon.
Its completely devastating. A friend of mine is currently living in Japan and spent a good portion of this morning searching for his partner. Luckily, they have both been reunited at a local elementary school. My thoughts are with everyone going through such a horrific event.
I've been reading about this all day : ( tragic. It hit Hawaii already, waiting for after affects. If I'm corrected, it hasn't reached cali yet?