Were You Expecting F5's Win?

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May 10, 2011
So, I live in Greensboro, NC and go to GAC, but I live even closer to cheer extreme kernersville.. Home of Senior Elite(2010 world champs). From all the hype at school and from talking to a lot of my friends at extreme, I was totally expecting another world champion title from SE this year.. What were you expecting?
i knew CEA would not have it because they did not hit the score sheet nearly as well as WCSS or F5.

I saw it real close between F5 and WCSS.

* and it was.
would you look at that
Personally, I saw it as a battle for second all year... F5 had been on my radar since november. CEA's routine just didn't really do it for me, so I definitely put both F5 and WCSS ahead of them, no matter what the final order would've been.

Don't believe the hype, CEA had a lot of pressure on them to repeat, and I think they just weren't considering how much better F5 and WCSS hit the scoresheets
F5 is my favorite team, so I've been fully prepared for them to win since the last time they won. Seriously though, this felt like their year since I saw their routine at their showcase before they ever competed.
i don't think i ever expect anyone to win, i know one little slip up and someone can pull in front. but after seeing f5 this season, i had a feeling it was going to be their year. i still love cea and love to watch those girls stunt, but i feel like all season when i watched f5 they had a spark everytime they took the floor, even when they had mishaps in indy and dallas on day 2, i'm so happy they battled back and pulled through!
after going to NCA and watching F5 and shooting stars live i knew CEA wasn't going to win because they didnt have the presence that the other two had. i will say that i think Stars performed a little better than F5 but i am VERYYYYYYYY happy that they got the gold. 2012 Worlds will be crazy good!
i got the amzing experience to be at worlds 2011 and watching f5 perform and for that matter the whole large senior divison was breathtaking to witness in person! shooting stars, senior elite, and f5 were all completly amazing as well as maryland marlins. being able to see the whole milkhouse get up on their feet when shooting stars was called for second was one of the greatest moments in cheerleading i had ever witnesses. the whole arena came together to cheer for f5 on their beautiful and very deserving win.. i had faith in f5 this whole season and i am so happy they came out on top!
to be honest i thought that shooting stars were going to win... ya senior elite was good, but it was a complete repeat of last year. watch senior elite revolution repeat on youtube. its senior elites routine this year with last years music. its crazy how similar it is. but like i dont know, i thought stars had it, i never really looked at f5. i thought they would get third. their routine didnt really blow my mind until watching it on youtube after worlds. either way, all three teams are amazing. we gotta see who will bring it next year!!! so excited