All-Star World's Dj And Dance Party Cancelled?

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Feb 20, 2010
Is it true that the dance party and d.j. were cancelled this year because of concern's about 12 year old's? The kid's really looked forward to that after a long exhausting season of cheer. Is it true?
It is true. The park will still be open and additional rides will be open, but the unfortunate behavior of the few has caused the cancellation for this year.
Sorry to hear about that. I wonder what the kids will do now to release that pent up energy? Standing in lines for rides could get uglier than the dance party, lol.....I'm sure the kids will find another outlet somehow, at least the dance party was supervised to some extent. I see alot of potential problems for the host hotels this year because of this. The whole place will be crawling with police and security Sunday night as usual....but even more security will be needed now than before. I don't see the older kids hanging around and riding the rides over and over again like the 12 year old's. I guess we will see what happens.
What happened in the past that made it so bad?

haha it was a grinding fest. Definatly not suitable for young eyes. I guess being from the Uk were not really used to that kind of thing, was definatly an experience that we tried to take part in but erm.. we just didnt fit in haha. but i can see why people would be absolutly gutted if this is true :(
My daughter went as a 11 and 12 year old (on jrs) and now going as a 13 yr old. She will be bummed to hear about this. Wonder if people will still go, or just go back and live it up at the hotel?